Where to get a great Pizza in Malta: La Nave Bistro

La Nave Bistro is located in Qawra with an amazing view, unique setting and offers free parking.

Qawra point is a popular spot for tourists and locals to walk on the seafront promenade. One of the longest sea promenades on the Island overlooking the blue Mediterranean sea and the islands of St Paul, with Gozo in the distance.

Pizza in Malta with a great view

La Nave Bistro is also a great restaurant to stop by if you feel like eating the best pizza. The pizza recipe is carefully crafted and fresh ingredients are used daily. The ambience of the restaurant is full with natural light and a minimal setting, making it a relaxed atmosphere where you can sit down and enjoy your meal.

Known for their unique pizza sauce which is a unique recipe they have been doing since the very first day the restaurant opened, it’s made the night before and refrigerated until the next day.

As to the dough (which is what makes their pizza so great) is actually done fresh every day and has a unique crispy crust but tender middle part, giving you the best of both worlds.

Now, don’t worry too much if you don’t know which pizza to ask for, since every single one is done with high quality, fresh tomato sauce, authentic mozzarella cheese and freshly made dough, so you’ll get a great pizza no matter what you end up asking for.

However, if we must recommend you one pizza, then you should go for the house favourite IL-PROPJA MALTIJA pizza, which is made with mozzarella cheese, sliced tomatoes, anchovies, onions, roast potatoes, sesame seeds, and a touch of olives and basil oil. This Maltese style pizza provides a unique pizza with traditional popular Maltese ingredients; giving it a fresh and authentic flavour.

The best thing about La Nave Bistro is that they have so much variety, that they can even make you a gluten free pizza upon request. Which is a great plus for any friends with you who still wants to enjoy some pizza.

With a revamped menu ranging from cold cut starters to soups, from pizza to pasta and finally grills to fish dishes. They even have several dishes and platters to share! After your meal don’t forget to check their dessert menu with very generous portions.

About at La Nave Bistro, Malta

This unique restaurant is actually part of the Malta National Aquarium Complex, and is located right on top of the seafront, which means you’ll have an amazing view while you enjoy a delicious meal.

La Nave Bistro is an exquisite restaurant that focuses on Mediterranean cuisine with the aim to deliver a simple, fresh and healthy menu and they’re actually also well-known for their pizzas too!